Shell Shock

A Short Film Project – 2019


Sorrow, pain, hunger – loneliness, solitary, unemployment. Humanity weeping with no hope of tomorrow. Standing up with numb feet, the earth sobs due to the echo of bombardment. A tattered body, crossing the oceans with piled up corpses, over graves of the ones massacred though the skeletons and ruins. Going in search of a pleasant city. What is the role of a frontier? Camp where the destitute people are stranded surrounded by barbed wire. A document, draft with the ancient grandeur of royalty. The neck of a handicapped slave, who fights against the criminals aiming at looting property survived in the struggle located in the dark golden land covered in black smoke. Stranded by a slave intoxicated through the inhalation of gun powder, immersed in the delusion of race, cast, creed and tribalism.    


Priced Victim

A Short Film Project – 2021

Sanath who is the husband of Nibba went missing ten years ago, had appeared as a Surety in a recent

transaction and that it was to pay the full price in installments of buying a scooty. After loading a complaint

before a court of law, for non-payment of such installment to cover the cost of the said transaction, Nibba

received the summons by post. When Nibba received the summons addressed to her missing husband she

was utterly shocked After conduction an investigation on alleged transaction, the police found the dead

body of Sanath. But Nibba couldn’t identified her husband.



A Short Film Project – 2023

Raymond is a grave digger. Pansilu is Raymond’s grandson. He is the puppet. Sampath comes along with his girlfriend who is a medical student  and offers money to Raymond requesting him to buy a human skeleton. Raymon agreed. 
The medical student tests the human skeleton (Damages the skeleton with a blunt tool and sees the ribs are broken)
Even though it was told that it is a suicide committed in the Police lockup, after 10 years, Raymond clearly gets to know that his son was murder.